So, you want something doing, but not sure how it all works. This is a general breakdown of the process.


Step 1: Contact Us

Simply email us:

  • A little description of what you would like, include preference of finish, materials etc
  • sketches or images of what you’re after (pinterest is a great resource)
  • a few measurements (please don’t fret about getting these millimetre perfect)
  • a photo of the space

We can then give you a rough price, and go from there.

If you don’t want to do all this, you may wish to skip straight to Step 2.

Step 2: Book in a face to face consultation

FaceTime isn’t just a phone app, as a small company, we believe that personal contact is essential. We can find a mutually convenient time that one of our team (or more if you’re lucky) can visit you to discuss options and bounce around ideas. This is most likely going to be the time that we all decide on the design and configuration, as well as materials and finishes.

Step 3: Quotation

We will will then provide you with a detailed quotation, specifying materials, finishes and fixtures. If applicable,  a dimensional sketch will be included. Photographs may also be attached as a point of reference.

This is an initial quote and may be subject to any changes in design, materials, layout etc.

There may be some back and forth between us until a final quotation is agreed on.

Step 4: Deposit

Once we are all happy, a 50% deposit will be required as a way of securing your space in production schedule. We ask for this 1 month in advance of our planned production date.

Step 5: Installation / Delivery

We make as much in our workshop as possible, but some projects may require some on-site carpentry.

We realise that your home is just that, your home, and make every effort to minimise our impact on it by utilising the latest in dust extraction, working cleanly and efficiently.

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